Veteran Community Services


North Phoenix Chamber of Commerce Click to Learn More

The mission of the North Phoenix Chamber of Commerce (NPCC) is to unite the people of commerce, industry, education and the professions to work together for the development of the Greater North Phoenix area. The Chamber believes that by fostering business growth and prosperity, the quality of life of the entire area is improved.

Linking Sports and Communities Click to Learn More

The goals of the Linking Sports and Communities (LCS) include:

  • To encourage aspiring student athletes to stay in school, avoid unhealthy lifestyles, and become academically and financially literate; and to expose them to positive sports role models,
  • To expose all students to non-athletic careers and role models in the sports industry,
  • To inform community leaders about the social and economic benefits of sports (including sports organizations’ charities, and economic benefits of sporting events and venues to local communities),
  • To inform sporting organizations about community needs (e.g., employment, philanthropy, business investment), and
  • To recognize those sports-related individuals and organizations who are having significant positive influence in the community with the Community Service Awards.

Arizona Coalition to End Homelessness Click to Learn More

The Arizona Coalition to End Homelessness (AZCEH) provides leadership in statewide efforts to end homelessness through advocacy, education and coordination with local communities and initiatives. AZCEH activities include its annual statewide conference; coordination of focused service initiatives such as Arizona StandDown or homeless veterans and Project H3: Home, Health, Hope for long term vulnerable homeless individuals and families; and providing education opportunities for service providers, policy makers and advocates working on behalf of men, women and children experiencing homelessness.