Minutes of the 2016 SWVCC Annual Meeting

Minutes of the 2016 SWVCC Annual Meeting
Date of Meeting: 2/4/16
Location: Paradise Valley Community College

Roll Call/Confirm Quorum: The Bylaw requirement of 25% present was reached. 31% of Members were present either in person or by proxy


Call to Order: President Lee Lange called the meeting to order at 5:15pm followed by the pledge of allegiance and a moment of silence.

Lee Lange welcomed everyone to the meeting.

Tom Sheets, Executive Director, provided a few administrative comments.

Approval of 2014 meeting minutes: No minutes were read or approved due to this being the first annual meeting of the SWVCC.

Annual Report:


Lee Lange gave the President’s Report and the Chambers goals for 2016. Highlights for 2015 include;


  • Strong Membership growth
  • Two $500 Veteran Services donations awarded
  • $1,000 Veteran scholarship awarded
  • Established Southwest Veterans Foundation legal entity and submitted 501c(3)

Application to IRS

  • Held inaugural Patriots Ball fundraising event

Goals for 2016 include;


  • Develop Strategic Plan and New Vision
  • Expand membership/corporate sponsorship
  • Increase committee participation
  • Complete program development
  • Develop fundraising plan
  • Complete stand up of the Southwest Veterans Foundation

Cara Lee, Treasurer gave the Financial Report reflecting the significantly improved financial posture of the Chamber as of 12.31.15 compared to the previous year.

Tom Sheets provided the membership committee report. On the day the Annual Meeting notices were sent, there were 97 Members in Good Standing, representing 300% growth over the previous year.



New Business:

Changes to the Chamber Bylaws.Tom explained 13 changes to the by-laws that needed to be voted upon by the membership.  Per the Byaws, these changes were provide to Members 10 days in advance of the meeting in the meeting notice. 12 of these changes were administrative, spelling, grammar, and spacing. The one change of substance was to allow the Chamber to notify Members of the Annual Meeting by electronic mail. Randy Asburry motioned to approve these changes; Shelly Gerard seconded.   There was minimal discussion and then the vote.  The motioned passed unanimously.

2017 Annual Meeting. Tom Sheets stated the next annual meeting is tentatively set for January 2017. Details to be provided when they are firmed up.

Presentations by the Paradise Vally Community College (PVCC). In exchange for waiving the fee for rental of the PVCC facilities, the Chamber allowed presentations by the PVCC Student Veterans organization by given by Daniel Flores and the PVCC Center for Entrepreneurial Education given by Dr. Kishore Dash.

Tom Sheets raffled off the door prizes that were donated by SRP and Ken Speer.

Next Meeting: January 2017.


Adjourn: Ken Speer motioned to adjourn at 6:20pm. Doug Anderson seconded. There was no discussion and the adjournment motion passed unanimously.

Informal networking and visits to the PVCC displays followed.

Respectfully submitted,

Doug Anderson