Husse AZ Veteran Grant Program

Veteran Grant Program

Husse AZ Veteran Grant ProgramHusse AZ is so proud to announce our 2016 Veteran Grant Program.  We became aware that 25-30% of homecoming veterans want to open their own business, but unfortunately only about 5% achieve this goal.  As a veteran owned business, we want to help make that a reality for an Arizona veteran.

We are planning to award a franchise to a qualified veteran who can be the role model to inspire other veterans.  We believe veterans have discipline, critical thinking skills, and the ability to develop strategy then execute on the strategy.  We at Husse AZ will provide a supportive environment for a franchise owner.   While franchise owners operate independently, they are still part of a team of other franchisees.  Being part of a large team, yet being able to function independently, is an environment that veterans can thrive in.  We want to learn about your story and why you want to own a Husse franchise in Arizona!

veteran-grant-programDo not let this opportunity pass you by.  The value of this grant is greater than $15,000.  A franchise gives you the opportunity to have a business of your own without having to start from scratch.  Husse has been in Europe for nearly 30 years and has expanded the successful franchise model to the US.  Husse brings so many advantages to the table for you:

  • Husse is the world leader of home delivery of all natural pet food
  • The Husse franchisee is most successful when they spend their time engaging with pet owners who care about the overall health of their pets.
  • Our products are all natural, ethically sourced and GMO free.  We are on the leading edge of this quality of pet nutrition.
  • We provide all of the necessary training (nutrition, sales etc) needed for you to be successful.  The training does not end when you start, it is ongoing support provided to our franchisees.
  • Husse Arizona provides franchisees ongoing support for their local marketing efforts.  Allowing the franchisee to direct resources to the efforts that will work in your unique territory.
  • Our model is created to be a high touch/trusted relationship with our customers; not a big box that is serving a large market share.

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