Holiday Blues and Depression

As we stepped into the month of November we were well on our way into the flurry of activities that surround the months of November, December and January.
These months represent the intended immersion with family, friends, and co-workers into a spiral that starts with feelings of thanks, blessings and ends with the New Year of expectations.
However, not everyone is on board with these elated feelings of anticipation, excitement, joyfulness and the possibility of new beginnings.

Holiday Blues and Depression can be akin to each other but they can also be very independent of each other.

Holiday Blues can stem from lack of funds, perceived expectations, demand on an already full time schedule and possibly the realization of being alone in a time of couples, families and group encounters.

Depression can best be described in this quote: “Depression is living in a body that is fighting to survive with a mind that tries to die”.

This type of depression is one that is being fought on a daily basis but is magnified during this “holiday season”. All thoughts of what you lack, how defeated you feel, the anger you hold, the disappointment that you can’t move past and the desire to change this feeling seem to scream as you stand in your own silence.

So today I offer you five little steps to nourish who you are, because you see, self love is calling out to you. Step back from all the hustle and bustle, reel yourself back in, take a few deep breaths and take a stand to protect yourself from all that overwhelms you.

1. Don’t go where you are uncomfortable…….but challenge yourself to say “yes” to one activity in this season that you previously would have said “no” to.

2. Remember that this years holiday is like no other……just like yesterday is not like today. Don’t drag the past into the now.

3. If there is a family member or someone else that you find judgmental towards you……..steer clear of them. Take power in choosing not to attend the event. Your comfort level should be important to you!

4. Find low cost activities to do. Window shopping on a Sunday afternoon or taking an evening ride to view the lights outside of your neighborhood. Play music you find up lifting, rent a season of a TV show you want to revisit, grab a bowl of popcorn, cozy clothes, and enjoy!

5. Rest……Sleep……Cry…….Journal……Scream……..and …….Pray.

Rest because we all need it to rejuvenate our bodies.

Sleep because sometimes we need the silence of slumber to close our minds and heal our thoughts.

Cry because a tear will flush out things deep within the soul. And as that tear runs down your face, it looses it’s grip on your mind.

Journal if you can, one word, five, or pages. Sometimes we need to release what binds. After you have written what you want, roll it up and burn it. Release it into the abyss.

Scream…….yes I said scream. When the pain inside is contained for to long the grumblings become louder and louder. Release them. In a whimper, in a scream or in the roar of a lion! Your choice….your magnitude.

Pray……to whomever it is that holds your power force. Pray loud so that YOU hear what it is that you need. Sometimes our prayers seem to go unanswered but in reality they have yet to be spoken. It is not only important for your power force to hear your prayer, it is also important for YOU to hear your prayer. Say what you mean…..mean what you say. Ask for help….Pray for guidance…..Pray to conquer the mind that wants to die.

I will pray for you also. I don’t want you to die. I don’t need to know you to love you, or to want to help you move past your pain. I will stand and chant for you, scream for you but you need to stand with me, along side of me. And as we stand there, others will join and together we will become strong, viable, and nurtured.

***Melinda Salem is an Holistic Wellness Practitioner. You can visit her website at

Melinda Salem
Holistic Wellness Practitioner
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