Negotiation Training 360

Negotiation Training 360
Randy Kutz
Soft Skills Training 360, LLC
The Negotiation Training 360 Seminar is a live, one-day, hands-on class based on the book, The Negotiation Table.

The course begins by giving students a solid foundation of the principles of negotiation. With that foundation, we then walk students through three core focal points in every negotiation, the People, the Products, and the Process to create a negotiation framework. The third part of the training seminar puts it all together, by applying the principles and the framework to the students’ real-world scenarios specific to them so they walk away with not only tools, but results.

Some negotiation training programs pitch to their clients how they will make the company more money and get the company more deals using slick tactics. Negotiation Training 360 knows your company needs a return on their investment, but we believe your biggest investment should be in the people side of your business. People are the essential ingredient in all negotiations. Our training is purposeful in giving you the requisite people skills to be successful in your negotiations.

Many negotiation courses fixate on rigid, proprietary models that are clunky and difficult to apply to your real-world experience. Negotiation Training 360 program spends the first part of the day training on the broad based concepts and language of negotiation and then spends the last part of the day in dialogue with your team to make real-time, relevant application of the principles, tailored to you.

Other negotiation training companies require their customers to come to them and train at their location, adding travel costs to the client. Negotiation Training 360 will come to you and train in your work context, not only saving you money but also allowing you to involve more stakeholders without negatively impacting your work productivity.

The price for other negotiation training can range from $1200 to $12,000 per person for 2-5 days of training. Here at Negotiation Training 360, we designed our training for budget conscience clients without skimping on content.

You can bring our 1-day, private, on-site, group training to your team, office or company for as low as $2,000 for groups of 20 or less. Your team gets a more practical and personal experience for a whole lot less, saving you Time and Money.